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2019 Training Courses

The team at KWS PowerTech Training Center (KRAFTWERKSSCHULE E.V. – KWS) is looking forward to welcoming you and your colleagues in our training facility in Essen, Germany for one or all of our 2019 English language training courses!

Constant changes in technological development require of power plant personnel to stay up to date. Our courses offerings and diverse trainingmethods address this problem fundamentally and comprehensively. We never lose sight of adapting skills to needs. Keeping up professional knowledge and adapting that knowledge as necessary are of fundamental importance in all fields of expertise. This applies to conventionalpower plant personnel as well as to the personnel of smaller and industrial facilities for power and heat generation from multiple fuel sources.

A modular Power Plant Technology Training will be organized in 2019, covering the aspects and methods of thermal power and heat generation,developing the skills of the participants. Each module includes a detailed examination at the end with a certificate issued to the successfulparticipants.

Course title Power Plant Technology – Compact
Module 1 PPT-Training compact Basic Module 1
Course-ID 19I_IA_002.01
Content Thermodynamics / Layout of industrial power plants / Environmental protection and control installations / Occupational safety
Module 2 PPT-Training compact Engineering & Components, Module 2
Course-ID 19I_IA_002.02
Content Steam generators basics/operations / Condensate / Feed water / Steam turbines basics / operations / Auxiliary and secondary installations / Electro technology / Control engineering
Module 3 PPT-Training compact Operation, Module 3
Course-ID 19I_IA_002.03
Content Class-room training and practical work with simulators:
• Unit operations during normal load operations, various assignments
• Unit initiation form cold start to nominal load
• Unit load changes, manual and automatic operations, as required
• Phased unit shutdown
• Unit initiation after shutdown due to repairs
• Minimum load operations triggered by feed water pump breakdown, coolant pump breakdown
• Crusher breakdown/burner breakdown, ventilation breakdown, mains switch breakdown
Target audience Young Engineers and Operators during their first years of professional work as well as Experienced Engineers and Operators to refresh and increase their knowledge
Duration per module 1 week (Monday – Friday)
Date of complete course July 15th – August 02nd, 2019
Dates and costs per participant and module  
Module 1
July 15th – 19th
€ 1.550,00
 Module 2
 July 22nd – 26th
 € 1.850,00
   Module 3
   July 29th – August 02nd
   € 2.500,00
PPT Training Module 1 – Module 3
(complete package / package price)
Course-ID: 19I_IA_002.04 Cost: € 5.300,00

For more information and the registration form please contact Ms. Anja Behle anja.behle(at)


„The KWS training Center is well equipped with all the training equipment needed to develop power station personnel at a high standard. Each of the training laboratories gives hands on training, where you get theoretical and practical experience."

„Since, I have been introduced to KWS styles and culture of training, I have grown and gained great confidence in my area of responsibility. I feel empowered and able to use different training concepts/approaches of designing, implementing, monitoring and tracking training programs."